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What is CrossFit?

crossfitCrossFit is a force-strength training system whose main purpose is to holistically develop overall physical fitness.

In CrossFit are improving all ten motor characteristics:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency,
  • Strength,
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy/precision

Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, CrossFit is a system from which all over the world have successfully enjoyed special units-Navy Seals, Grom, uniformed services and riders from various sports disciplines. High intensity, variability and functional movements with the use of equipment: rods, kettli, medical balls, crates, gymnastic wheels, sticks in the accompaniment of strong music is something that will make you wkręcisz in the sport!

It is not easy, but under the supervision of our trainers anyone can try CrossFit – regardless of age, sex, fitness or training experience. You will compete with yourself every time you exceed the threshold of our club.

WOD – Workout Of the Day

Water is a different workout of the day. Our classes are conducted in a group of up to 18 people by professional and certified CrossFit trainers. The basic components of training are:

  • Warm up and work on mobility.
  • Technical, strength or gymnastic part
  • An overview of the technique before training.
  • Workout of the day – training of the day.
  • Stretching (stretching), Mobility (working on increasing the range of motion in ponds) & cool Down (mute).

The goal is always the same: be efficient, fast, strong, healthy and versatile, and a good silhouette is already the consequence of what you do.

Continuous variability

Through the use of exercises in 3 groups: Monostrukturalnych-kondycyjnych efforts, gymnastic exercises and lifting of weights and throws. CrossFit gives a lot of training variants and thus never becomes boring. Routine is our enemy, and a great look and feel are the only side effects. Expect unexpected, or expect the unexpected, just like in life!

High intensity

Each training is a challenge for both the novice and the advanced athlete. Thanks to highly qualified coaching and training tools, all exercises and loads can be tailored to the individual needs, abilities and level of physical fitness of the player – as a tailored suit.

Functional movements

They accompany us every day, in every area of life. Sitting and waking up-squats, lifting nets with shopping, packing trays into a car-dead string, charges; Raising the child up-Presse, attraction, walking; Climbing the tree-pulling. These are universal motor patterns used daily.

Crossfit is stereotypically considered a very kontuzjogenną and not very healthy discipline. Is this true and where does this opinion? Can this be prevented somehow?

According to a study carried out by Natalia Szafrańską on Urazowości in Crossficie, 63% of those who have experienced this sport have injured, it seems quite a lot – right? Most of them concerned the spine, the shoulder complex and the knees. The most often injured individuals who are just beginning the adventure with Crossfitem. What could be the reason?

Most likely, the lack of proper preparation of the organism for so much effort or lack of dedication enough attention to the technique of exercising, which are usually something completely new.

For a large part of people athletes Crossfit is the first adventure with Intensywniejszym sport. Most of the day we spend in a seated position (which has a negative impact on our body – from reducing the range of movement, deterioration of the posture of the body to lower the level of lung capacity and the possibility of providing oxygen and nutrients to all tissues The circulatory system) without more physical activity and suddenly we get behind a sharp workout. First workouts, adrenaline, rivalry, super progress and start to give yourself a sharp impression 4-5 times a week. Unfortunately, in such a situation, the body is often unable to keep up with adaptation to the stimulus given to it, lack of time for regeneration of tissue microdamage and pain occurs on a certain training.

The second group of people who are most likely to happening injuries are people who already know “what is it”, often even train at the start of the competition. They train 6-7 and sometimes even a lot more times a week. Care about the technique of exercise, care about the correct warm-up, with the relaxation of post-workout a little worse, and regeneration?

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