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Strong back muscles: 4 best Exercises

Strong back musclesWho said that strong and muscular backs are only men’s domain? I think that in women they can make a sensational and also very good for your health. Today I have a couple of valuable information on how your back works and what you can improve. In addition, a proposal for effective exercises that will bring the effect quickly.

Why are back muscles so important?

You often forget about them (in the end you rarely have the chance to watch them). And yet, the back – and more precisely the back muscles – have a very responsible role in the work of your spine. When they are too weak, this does not gain the right support, and it is a simple route to serious health problems. For this reason, exercise on the back muscles should perform each – not just men, but women.

Strong back muscles guarantee a healthier spine, better physical performance, but a beautiful silhouette. Do not be afraid that by training them you will gain the silhouette of a disco bodyguard: not every exercise on the back results in a huge expansion. There are some that will allow you to beautifully scratch your muscles and improve posture.

The most important muscles in your body

I do not exaggerate, if I find that the muscles of the back belong to the group of the most important. They are involved in without exception all the activities that you perform each day. Every turn, Schylenie, maintaining a standing position – is all their merit. Although every day is forced to do a job, it is worthwhile to devote a little more attention to them.

If the muscles on your back are too weak, you only need a slight overload to start to over-shrink and strain. Then the blood flow in them is greatly eroded which causes it to become niedotlenione. Weak back muscles also have a higher risk of injury. One of the most important back muscles is the trapezius muscle. It is responsible for lifting and lowering the shoulder, straightening the cervical spine, approaching and lowering the vanes. The widest ridge is the muscle of the lower arms.

Among the other functions of the individual back muscles can be distinguished e.g. Lifting ribs during inhalation, head movements. As you can see, the roles that make your back are very diverse.

Back Muscle Damage – symptoms

Insufficiently strong backs are very vulnerable to various types of injuries. You just have to fall, raise too heavy objects or violently turn the trunk. What should you alert you and induce you to visit a physiotherapist?

  1.     Feeling of stiffness in the back muscles,
  2.     Pain during normal operation,
  3.     Swelling
  4.     Severe pain during physical activity
  5.     Difficulty moving.

Caution: Do not confuse the acids with your back injury. The fact that a few days after exercise you feel pain and stiffness is normal if so far you have not over your back. If, however, unpleasant sensations do not go away, it is best to contact a specialist.

Exercise for back muscles

Time to practice – what do you do to make your backs strong and presented great? You can choose to visit the gym or, when you don’t have time, work at home.

Back exercise # 1: Pulling the stick

This equipment can be found on absolutely every gym. The exercise is simple, even for novices-just adjust the load to your hand. Pulling the stick perfectly models primarily the upper parts of the back, but it forces you to maintain an erect silhouette.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 12 reps.

Exercise for back musclesBack Exercise # 2: Pulling

If you have a home-pulling rod – great! If not, you can always mount it – it’s a simple tool that requires a piece of free wall or door to be installed. The rod can also be found on most gyms. Pulling is a way to strong back and shoulders.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 12 reps.

Back Exercise # 3: Paddling

All you need is an exercise mat, small weights and a little space. This exercise perfectly strengthens your entire back, and also builds a sense of balance and coordination.

Perform the exercise in 4 batches after 10 repetitions for each page.

Back Exercise # 4: lift Arms and legs

Lie down on your belly and then fret legs and arms at the same time (remember to keep your face facing towards the floor). It’s another exercise that engages all your back muscles and will also help you relax after a day of sitting in the office.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 15 repetitions.

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