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Pilates – a way to have a beautiful silhouette

Pilates Love it stars: Madonna, Kate Hudson did Jennifer Aniston say that is the secret of their beautiful silhouettes. Pilates is gaining popularity, and you the success you can train it in the comfort of your home. Today give you a hint, how to get started!

Pilates how did?

Pilates is a system of exercises developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates to the Nemunas River. It is above all the tension and strengthen the muscles of the entire body. Its goal is to increase muscle strength without excessive expansion, flexibility of the body, improving body and stress reduction.

Many people noted a very large similarity between pilates and yoga. Do the right thing?

Pilates and yoga

Although many items in Pilates and yoga is to each other confusingly similar, it should be noted that these are entirely two different disciplines. Pilates Yoga is more dynamic, to be engaged in entirely different assumptions. The most important is the Pilates movement coordination with relevant breath, yoga is primarily meditation and mute. Simply put, it can be concluded that pilates is not so much “soulful” I yoga.

Pilates exercise, ideal for whom?

Not sure if pilates is for you? With almost 100% confidence I can say that Yes! This discipline not only strengthening and relaxing, and healing. Ideal in the following cases:

When you back pain. This exercise-friendly to people who suffer from diabetes and pain, mainly because it helps strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. In addition, pilates involves the muscles of the deep that also play a big role in the proper bringing of the spine. Pilates is often used as a form of rehabilitation after injury.

When you’re stressed. Pilates adds energy, helps to silence and eliminate tension. Already more than a dozen minutes of exercise will make you feel relaxed and significantly improve your mood.

When you want to improve your physique. Pilates perfectly the abdominal muscles and posture of the body. It will make your silhouette will be presented to the sky better.

When you are lazy. You do not like strenuous sports, in which the entire then? Pilates is ideal for you! It is true, and here you can get a bit tired, but this discipline does not require from you a perfect condition. Exercises you can do at your own pace, depending on how many you get.

Pilates is safe for pregnant women, the elderly, people after injuries, overweight and those with poor physical condition. Still, before the start of the exercise worth consult intentions with your doctor.

Pilates contraindications

As with any discipline, there are a few situations in which you should opt out of Pilates. Pause from the exercise, when the recently surgery, you have a very large, or the last time you to bone fractures. Be careful also in the case of cardiac problems.

Pilates at home or in the Club?

Pilates requires only a bit of space and good exercise mats. This makes it no problem, you can begin his training in the comfort of your home, along the lines of the tutorials. On the other hand, you may want to also use classes with an instructor, which will improve your potential errors and will advise you what exercises will be best for you.

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