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Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for beginners should not be difficult and unattainable. Medito for several years, with varying intensity and frequency. They were times, when daily Medytowałam, were also such when zapominałam longer on this Meditazionecustom. But always me.

Before, long I read about the beneficial effects of meditation, but I still bothered to start something. Then, once I decided, I was still borykałam with the idea that I was doing something wrong, I did not see any specific result. Today I know it’s all myths and just my beliefs. In hindsight I see that the periods in which medytowałam regularly were something like surprisingly punctual periods in which I had the best mood and mental form. Case? Maybe, but I like the case to use it to feel better.

4 Myths about Meditation

First, meditation can, but it must not be related to religion. Of course, there are a lot of meditation schools, there is Buddhist and Christian meditation, but I’m not interested. My meditation is not related to any religion, even if it is a spiritual experience.

Secondly, during meditation it is not necessary to sit in Lotus position, BA, there is no seating at all! Of course, different schools suggest different positions-lotus, etc. I’m very often in the middle of lying, because I feel comfortable. More about the position of the body I write in the rest of the text.

Thirdly, you don’t need money, a lot of time or gadgets to meditate on. I know there is a lot of mats and meditation pads, and a lot of guides require a minimum of 30 minutes of meditation every day. That’s not true.

Fourth, in meditation, it is not about getting rid of your mind! I also thought once, what made the most tried of these thoughts to get rid of, the more they were. 🙁 Our brain is a large factory of thought that is constantly being created, often unconsciously. When we change into meditation for a while, they strike with doubled strength, especially since we are finally aware of them. In dealing with the volume of thoughts that helps some techniques (below), but above all the awareness that during meditation we do not get rid of the thought, just to accept their fact and “let go”, watch them from afar.

What is meditation?

For me, meditation is acceptance. I meditate, to placate your przebodźcowany, distracted mind, but do not expect my meditation for immediate and effective effects. Say also that from meditation I do not expect anything. I am just trying to use this time to be with myself, to accept the condition in which I am and for its delicate change if possible.

Meditation for beginners-what and how

Position of the body–usually I meditateed to lie or sit. I try to concatenate the thumb with the index finger in both hands. I know that it is a technique that presumably facilitates the flow of energy in the body, but my reason is more trivial-only if I don’t feel that I don’t know what to do with my hands during meditation. 🙂 Somehow I feel incomplete, although ridiculously it would not sound. 🙂 Do not cross your hands (or your legs, if you meditate)-I allow them to lie freely. I also care not to turn my belly-in my tensions often accumulate in my belly (this is also a moment of breathing) and I need to be able to breathe abdominal pain.

When and where to meditate? I meditate in the morning or evening-depending on the needs and time I have just. I meditate too much, when I need it during the day or on the road, it is enough to have a comfortable place to sit and close my eyes-that’s all. I have no angles to meditate, nor do I meditate on some external factors. I can lie on the bed, sit on the couch, go out on the terrace or in the garden. Beautiful natural circumstances certainly improve you’re the meditation workout, but they are not absolutely necessary. In the end, during meditation, I choose to take a trip inside me, not in the woods. 🙂

How long to meditate? I started my meditation for 2 minutes. Seriously, 2 minutes. And it’s quite enough to start, and even say, that can be a big challenge. Then wydłużałam the time of meditation, but it did not last more than 20 minutes. I prefer it regularly, but shorter. Such mini-meditations act as a nap of power. 🙂 The principle is very simple-I set the alarm on the phone, then it silences the other sounds and I meditate until the alarm rings. At first I was hard to resist doing nothing to Króciutkie 2 minutes! Finally, meditation is nothing more than structured

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