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Protein in sports nutrition

High nutritional value protein sources

PBiological Value Scaleroteins found in foods have different amino acid composition, so they meet the needs of the body related to the synthesis of ustrojowego proteins. The nutritional value of proteins depends above all on the amount and mutual proportions of the essential amino acids contained in the protein and the protein digestibility.

The determination of these amino acids as exogenous or essential compounds is associated with the lack of human body’s ability to synthesize wewnątrzustrojowej and, consequently, the necessity of continuous delivery in the food eaten. In the absence of or inadequate supply with food, the effectiveness of protein biosynthesis is reduced and the mechanisms for optimal protein metabolism are mobilised for the pooling of the body proteins of exogenous amino acids Decomposition of their own proteins.

In the nutrition of athletes, wholesome proteins of high biological value, designated as the optimal content of exogenous amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine) play a special role. Protein wholesome are products of animal origin: eggs, meat and meat preparations, fish and milk and dairy products. The nutritional value of deteriorated proteins of vegetable origin (from cereal and legumes) increases the administration of protein to pełnowartościowymi proteins.

In conclusion: In order to cover the protein requirement, you should consume skimmed milk or milk with a reduced fat content, lean dairy products (Kefirs, buttermilks and yoghurts, cheese cheeses and small quantities of yellow cheese), fish All sea, cod, tuna, pollock, sole, sprat, hake, flounder), seafood, white meat (chicken, turkey or veal breast), eggs and egg dishes, and leguminous seeds, as well as moderate quantities of nuts.

It is also advisable to eat beef due to the high content of iron hemowego, zinc and vitamin B12 and other B vitamins. However, the consumption of red meat (pigmeat) for white meat and fish should be reduced. It is recommended to consume fish 2 – 3 times a week, similarly lean meat. For children and adolescents, wholesome protein should be at least 50% and in adult athletes approximately 60% of the total protein.

What is CrossFit?

crossfitCrossFit is a force-strength training system whose main purpose is to holistically develop overall physical fitness.

In CrossFit are improving all ten motor characteristics:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency,
  • Strength,
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy/precision

Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, CrossFit is a system from which all over the world have successfully enjoyed special units-Navy Seals, Grom, uniformed services and riders from various sports disciplines. High intensity, variability and functional movements with the use of equipment: rods, kettli, medical balls, crates, gymnastic wheels, sticks in the accompaniment of strong music is something that will make you wkręcisz in the sport!

It is not easy, but under the supervision of our trainers anyone can try CrossFit – regardless of age, sex, fitness or training experience. You will compete with yourself every time you exceed the threshold of our club.

WOD – Workout Of the Day

Water is a different workout of the day. Our classes are conducted in a group of up to 18 people by professional and certified CrossFit trainers. The basic components of training are:

  • Warm up and work on mobility.
  • Technical, strength or gymnastic part
  • An overview of the technique before training.
  • Workout of the day – training of the day.
  • Stretching (stretching), Mobility (working on increasing the range of motion in ponds) & cool Down (mute).

The goal is always the same: be efficient, fast, strong, healthy and versatile, and a good silhouette is already the consequence of what you do.

Continuous variability

Through the use of exercises in 3 groups: Monostrukturalnych-kondycyjnych efforts, gymnastic exercises and lifting of weights and throws. CrossFit gives a lot of training variants and thus never becomes boring. Routine is our enemy, and a great look and feel are the only side effects. Expect unexpected, or expect the unexpected, just like in life!

High intensity

Each training is a challenge for both the novice and the advanced athlete. Thanks to highly qualified coaching and training tools, all exercises and loads can be tailored to the individual needs, abilities and level of physical fitness of the player – as a tailored suit.

Functional movements

They accompany us every day, in every area of life. Sitting and waking up-squats, lifting nets with shopping, packing trays into a car-dead string, charges; Raising the child up-Presse, attraction, walking; Climbing the tree-pulling. These are universal motor patterns used daily.

Crossfit is stereotypically considered a very kontuzjogenną and not very healthy discipline. Is this true and where does this opinion? Can this be prevented somehow?

According to a study carried out by Natalia Szafrańską on Urazowości in Crossficie, 63% of those who have experienced this sport have injured, it seems quite a lot – right? Most of them concerned the spine, the shoulder complex and the knees. The most often injured individuals who are just beginning the adventure with Crossfitem. What could be the reason?

Most likely, the lack of proper preparation of the organism for so much effort or lack of dedication enough attention to the technique of exercising, which are usually something completely new.

For a large part of people athletes Crossfit is the first adventure with Intensywniejszym sport. Most of the day we spend in a seated position (which has a negative impact on our body – from reducing the range of movement, deterioration of the posture of the body to lower the level of lung capacity and the possibility of providing oxygen and nutrients to all tissues The circulatory system) without more physical activity and suddenly we get behind a sharp workout. First workouts, adrenaline, rivalry, super progress and start to give yourself a sharp impression 4-5 times a week. Unfortunately, in such a situation, the body is often unable to keep up with adaptation to the stimulus given to it, lack of time for regeneration of tissue microdamage and pain occurs on a certain training.

The second group of people who are most likely to happening injuries are people who already know “what is it”, often even train at the start of the competition. They train 6-7 and sometimes even a lot more times a week. Care about the technique of exercise, care about the correct warm-up, with the relaxation of post-workout a little worse, and regeneration?

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for beginners should not be difficult and unattainable. Medito for several years, with varying intensity and frequency. They were times, when daily Medytowałam, were also such when zapominałam longer on this Meditazionecustom. But always me.

Before, long I read about the beneficial effects of meditation, but I still bothered to start something. Then, once I decided, I was still borykałam with the idea that I was doing something wrong, I did not see any specific result. Today I know it’s all myths and just my beliefs. In hindsight I see that the periods in which medytowałam regularly were something like surprisingly punctual periods in which I had the best mood and mental form. Case? Maybe, but I like the case to use it to feel better.

4 Myths about Meditation

First, meditation can, but it must not be related to religion. Of course, there are a lot of meditation schools, there is Buddhist and Christian meditation, but I’m not interested. My meditation is not related to any religion, even if it is a spiritual experience.

Secondly, during meditation it is not necessary to sit in Lotus position, BA, there is no seating at all! Of course, different schools suggest different positions-lotus, etc. I’m very often in the middle of lying, because I feel comfortable. More about the position of the body I write in the rest of the text.

Thirdly, you don’t need money, a lot of time or gadgets to meditate on. I know there is a lot of mats and meditation pads, and a lot of guides require a minimum of 30 minutes of meditation every day. That’s not true.

Fourth, in meditation, it is not about getting rid of your mind! I also thought once, what made the most tried of these thoughts to get rid of, the more they were. 🙁 Our brain is a large factory of thought that is constantly being created, often unconsciously. When we change into meditation for a while, they strike with doubled strength, especially since we are finally aware of them. In dealing with the volume of thoughts that helps some techniques (below), but above all the awareness that during meditation we do not get rid of the thought, just to accept their fact and “let go”, watch them from afar.

What is meditation?

For me, meditation is acceptance. I meditate, to placate your przebodźcowany, distracted mind, but do not expect my meditation for immediate and effective effects. Say also that from meditation I do not expect anything. I am just trying to use this time to be with myself, to accept the condition in which I am and for its delicate change if possible.

Meditation for beginners-what and how

Position of the body–usually I meditateed to lie or sit. I try to concatenate the thumb with the index finger in both hands. I know that it is a technique that presumably facilitates the flow of energy in the body, but my reason is more trivial-only if I don’t feel that I don’t know what to do with my hands during meditation. 🙂 Somehow I feel incomplete, although ridiculously it would not sound. 🙂 Do not cross your hands (or your legs, if you meditate)-I allow them to lie freely. I also care not to turn my belly-in my tensions often accumulate in my belly (this is also a moment of breathing) and I need to be able to breathe abdominal pain.

When and where to meditate? I meditate in the morning or evening-depending on the needs and time I have just. I meditate too much, when I need it during the day or on the road, it is enough to have a comfortable place to sit and close my eyes-that’s all. I have no angles to meditate, nor do I meditate on some external factors. I can lie on the bed, sit on the couch, go out on the terrace or in the garden. Beautiful natural circumstances certainly improve you’re the meditation workout, but they are not absolutely necessary. In the end, during meditation, I choose to take a trip inside me, not in the woods. 🙂

How long to meditate? I started my meditation for 2 minutes. Seriously, 2 minutes. And it’s quite enough to start, and even say, that can be a big challenge. Then wydłużałam the time of meditation, but it did not last more than 20 minutes. I prefer it regularly, but shorter. Such mini-meditations act as a nap of power. 🙂 The principle is very simple-I set the alarm on the phone, then it silences the other sounds and I meditate until the alarm rings. At first I was hard to resist doing nothing to Króciutkie 2 minutes! Finally, meditation is nothing more than structured

Pilates – a way to have a beautiful silhouette

Pilates Love it stars: Madonna, Kate Hudson did Jennifer Aniston say that is the secret of their beautiful silhouettes. Pilates is gaining popularity, and you the success you can train it in the comfort of your home. Today give you a hint, how to get started!

Pilates how did?

Pilates is a system of exercises developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates to the Nemunas River. It is above all the tension and strengthen the muscles of the entire body. Its goal is to increase muscle strength without excessive expansion, flexibility of the body, improving body and stress reduction.

Many people noted a very large similarity between pilates and yoga. Do the right thing?

Pilates and yoga

Although many items in Pilates and yoga is to each other confusingly similar, it should be noted that these are entirely two different disciplines. Pilates Yoga is more dynamic, to be engaged in entirely different assumptions. The most important is the Pilates movement coordination with relevant breath, yoga is primarily meditation and mute. Simply put, it can be concluded that pilates is not so much “soulful” I yoga.

Pilates exercise, ideal for whom?

Not sure if pilates is for you? With almost 100% confidence I can say that Yes! This discipline not only strengthening and relaxing, and healing. Ideal in the following cases:

When you back pain. This exercise-friendly to people who suffer from diabetes and pain, mainly because it helps strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. In addition, pilates involves the muscles of the deep that also play a big role in the proper bringing of the spine. Pilates is often used as a form of rehabilitation after injury.

When you’re stressed. Pilates adds energy, helps to silence and eliminate tension. Already more than a dozen minutes of exercise will make you feel relaxed and significantly improve your mood.

When you want to improve your physique. Pilates perfectly the abdominal muscles and posture of the body. It will make your silhouette will be presented to the sky better.

When you are lazy. You do not like strenuous sports, in which the entire then? Pilates is ideal for you! It is true, and here you can get a bit tired, but this discipline does not require from you a perfect condition. Exercises you can do at your own pace, depending on how many you get.

Pilates is safe for pregnant women, the elderly, people after injuries, overweight and those with poor physical condition. Still, before the start of the exercise worth consult intentions with your doctor.

Pilates contraindications

As with any discipline, there are a few situations in which you should opt out of Pilates. Pause from the exercise, when the recently surgery, you have a very large, or the last time you to bone fractures. Be careful also in the case of cardiac problems.

Pilates at home or in the Club?

Pilates requires only a bit of space and good exercise mats. This makes it no problem, you can begin his training in the comfort of your home, along the lines of the tutorials. On the other hand, you may want to also use classes with an instructor, which will improve your potential errors and will advise you what exercises will be best for you.

Strong back muscles: 4 best Exercises

Strong back musclesWho said that strong and muscular backs are only men’s domain? I think that in women they can make a sensational and also very good for your health. Today I have a couple of valuable information on how your back works and what you can improve. In addition, a proposal for effective exercises that will bring the effect quickly.

Why are back muscles so important?

You often forget about them (in the end you rarely have the chance to watch them). And yet, the back – and more precisely the back muscles – have a very responsible role in the work of your spine. When they are too weak, this does not gain the right support, and it is a simple route to serious health problems. For this reason, exercise on the back muscles should perform each – not just men, but women.

Strong back muscles guarantee a healthier spine, better physical performance, but a beautiful silhouette. Do not be afraid that by training them you will gain the silhouette of a disco bodyguard: not every exercise on the back results in a huge expansion. There are some that will allow you to beautifully scratch your muscles and improve posture.

The most important muscles in your body

I do not exaggerate, if I find that the muscles of the back belong to the group of the most important. They are involved in without exception all the activities that you perform each day. Every turn, Schylenie, maintaining a standing position – is all their merit. Although every day is forced to do a job, it is worthwhile to devote a little more attention to them.

If the muscles on your back are too weak, you only need a slight overload to start to over-shrink and strain. Then the blood flow in them is greatly eroded which causes it to become niedotlenione. Weak back muscles also have a higher risk of injury. One of the most important back muscles is the trapezius muscle. It is responsible for lifting and lowering the shoulder, straightening the cervical spine, approaching and lowering the vanes. The widest ridge is the muscle of the lower arms.

Among the other functions of the individual back muscles can be distinguished e.g. Lifting ribs during inhalation, head movements. As you can see, the roles that make your back are very diverse.

Back Muscle Damage – symptoms

Insufficiently strong backs are very vulnerable to various types of injuries. You just have to fall, raise too heavy objects or violently turn the trunk. What should you alert you and induce you to visit a physiotherapist?

  1.     Feeling of stiffness in the back muscles,
  2.     Pain during normal operation,
  3.     Swelling
  4.     Severe pain during physical activity
  5.     Difficulty moving.

Caution: Do not confuse the acids with your back injury. The fact that a few days after exercise you feel pain and stiffness is normal if so far you have not over your back. If, however, unpleasant sensations do not go away, it is best to contact a specialist.

Exercise for back muscles

Time to practice – what do you do to make your backs strong and presented great? You can choose to visit the gym or, when you don’t have time, work at home.

Back exercise # 1: Pulling the stick

This equipment can be found on absolutely every gym. The exercise is simple, even for novices-just adjust the load to your hand. Pulling the stick perfectly models primarily the upper parts of the back, but it forces you to maintain an erect silhouette.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 12 reps.

Exercise for back musclesBack Exercise # 2: Pulling

If you have a home-pulling rod – great! If not, you can always mount it – it’s a simple tool that requires a piece of free wall or door to be installed. The rod can also be found on most gyms. Pulling is a way to strong back and shoulders.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 12 reps.

Back Exercise # 3: Paddling

All you need is an exercise mat, small weights and a little space. This exercise perfectly strengthens your entire back, and also builds a sense of balance and coordination.

Perform the exercise in 4 batches after 10 repetitions for each page.

Back Exercise # 4: lift Arms and legs

Lie down on your belly and then fret legs and arms at the same time (remember to keep your face facing towards the floor). It’s another exercise that engages all your back muscles and will also help you relax after a day of sitting in the office.

Perform the exercise in 4 series after 15 repetitions.

How to make squats properly?

How to make squats properly? It would seem that squats are a simple exercise that everyone can do. Meanwhile, many people make mistakes when performing them.

To perform squats properly, you need to know the technique. Poorly done can result in overloading of the knee joints, nadwyrężeniem of the spine or even a painful injury.

make squats properly

How to make squats?

The following guide will allow you step by step to perform a correct squat.

  •     Stand upright in a light step. The head should be an extension of the spine, eyes facing each other. Bring belly.
  •     Slowly start bowinging your knees while pushing your hips back. For a better balance you can hold hands upright in front of you. Try to keep your knees away from your toes (if, however, you find it difficult to maintain a balance in this position, your knees may overtake your feet – more important is not to bend too much forward). Also remember to keep your feet all fit to the ground. The angle between thigh and podudziem should be a maximum of 90 degrees.
  •     Back to the starting position.

Squats perform slowly without haste. It is important that the spine is simple during the exercise and the belly is dragged.

Mistakes in making squats

The most common mistakes in the exercise of squats are:

  1.     Picking up the heel from the ground-often comes when the range of motion in the ankle joint is limited. Committing this error can lead to excessive congestion in the hip, knee and lumbar spine joints.
  2.     Doing squats with the torso set perpendicular to the ground-is usually associated with excessive tension of the back muscles. In a properly made squat, the hips are inclined backwards, while the top of the torso forwards.
  3.     Connecting the knees to the middle-committing this error is due to too little muscle strength. It can be dangerous because it leads to damage in the knee joint. Therefore, when taking squat you need to remember the correct tension of the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  4.     Excessive ejection of the knees in front of the toes-you should try to make the knees in a straight line over the feet or slightly outside the foot line. With a technique in which the knees are tightly extended, the tension in the knee Rzepkach is 22% higher than in the case of non-kneeling versions of the toes.
  5.     Failure to maintain a neutral spine-the bending of the back while taking squats excessively strains the lumbar spine and weakens the back extensor.


When taking knee squats you may exceed your toes!

You can often be consulted about the fact that knees in a squat do not go behind the foot line. This is one of the old training myths.

Whether your knees have come out or have come out of the foot lines, the physique decides. With short limbs or proportional legs it is much easier to do, but there are many cases when the femur bone is simply disproportionate to the tibial and the knees will always slightly protrude beyond the foot line. This is not dangerous, because our natural movement is correct. This can be kontuzjogenne when we are specifically crossing a safe line because we are infringing the natural movement of our knee.

To see if we are correctly performing a squat in the lower phase, we need to observe how the weight of our body is arranged. This on the feet should evenly rest the weight when making a squat. The toes should be glued to the floor with our heel. If we feel that the heel goes away from the ground, we tilt our silhouette forward and misalign the movement, if the fingers tear away from the floor, we tilt backwards, which can threaten to fall. The weight should rest in the center of the body, and this balance is determined by our feet.

More important than keeping your knees in front of your toes is the depth of a squat. Squat can not be too shallow-in the minimum version we should bend the knee at least to a angle of 90 degrees, but it is worth deepening it. The smaller the angle between the thigh and the calf, the harder the exercise involves the gluteal muscles.

Squats: training for thighs and buttocks

Squats can be performed traditionally, in series (preferably after 12-16 reps in a series), but good effects also bring other variants of this exercise.

Meet Ola’s iron training on graceful thighs and buttocks, which is based on various ways of making squats.

Squats – Exercise effects

A properly made squat is an excellent functional exercise that has a positive effect on the appearance and condition of many muscles. It is helpful inter alia in shaping the muscles of thighs, buttocks and abdomen, as well as strengthening the joints and tendons. The effectiveness of squat is demonstrated by the fact that it is an integral part of the training of any professional athlete, regardless of the discipline he has grown.

Squats also support the burning of adipose tissue from the area of the thighs and buttocks. Therefore, if you want to effectively downsize the upper parts of your legs, you regularly perform squats in conjunction with performance training (e.g. running, cycling, jumping on rope).

Bow yoga pose

Bow yoga poseImagine a tight arch, from which in a moment Archer releases with full force an arrow. Imagine the flexibility, strength and energy. And now do the same with your own body.

The position of the bow (Dhanurasana) belongs to a series of positions of Yoga based on the bends in the back. One they come easier, harder, but for all they bring the same benefits to the spine and the functioning of internal organs. In addition, they add energy!

Degree of difficulty: fairly difficult, suitable for intermediate to advanced, but it also has easier variants, suitable for beginners Yogis

Benefits: softens the spine, strengthens the abdominal muscles, back muscles, massage adds energy, helps fight chronic fatigue, increases concentration, improves digestion, helps with constipation, beneficial in people who lead sedentary lifestyle

How to perform a position step by step:

  1. Lie on your stomach with his face to the floor. You can lie down on the mat blanket, preventing a possible sore spines. With exhaust bend both knees and pull your heel towards your buttocks. Pull the arms to the back, turn the inside arms, shoulders from the ears and away from each other shoulders. Try to grasp the outer ankle. If capturing the foot makes you difficulty, use the bar. Try to approach each other knee, should not be spaced more widely than at a distance.
  2. Initially, the forehead remains based on the floor. On the inhale, pull the foot back, relegating them from your buttocks. Try to lift the thigh high above the floor.
  3. On the exhale lift head and chest. See towards the floor, try to relax your face. The hands should remain simple. Using hands pull legs torso, so that odchylał to the legs. Imagine that your upper body and legs are a corps of the arc, and the hands of bow, try to stretch bow, the body works as if the legs wanted to break out of the grip of the hand and straighten. Hands and feet must work with equal force. The foot should be at the same height. Try to pull the chest up. The weight of the body should lie on his stomach. Remain in the position for a few seconds.
  4. Exit the position on the exhale, slowly lower your legs and chest, but never let the cubes, you can repeat the position twice, trying to persevere in it longer. Only after completion of exercise unleash feet.

Therapeutic use:

  • corrects posture
  • dyskopatia back-the cross (it is recommended to perform the position under the guidance of a teacher)
  • Prostate dysfunction
  • chronic constipation
  • respiratory diseases
  • chronic fatigue
  • fears, anxieties


  • Flexible spine, shoulders, chest
  • tones the abdominal organs and kidneys
  • reduces back pain
  • boosts energy
  • combats the negative effects of sedentary life
  • extends the front part of the thighs
  • Removes the stiffness in the spine thoracic and lumbar
  • extends the ankle, thigh, groin
  • extends the back muscles


  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • sinusitis
  • pain and serious damage to the knee
  • too high or low blood pressure
  • serious damage to the knee and back pain (in the case of lumbar disc herniation or carotid and damage to the knees should perform the position under the guidance of a teacher)
  • migraine
  • insomnia

How to enter in the item?

To enter the position of the arc, lie down on your stomach on the mat, and then breathing in, move the hands in the back and the bow and lift the knees. Hands grab your ankle or big toes of the foot. Then with the next breath drawn and lengthen the body into the shape of the curve. Along with other wdechami, we grow. We maintain by 5-10 breaths, depending on the possibilities, and then with the exhalation falls flat on the mat.

In the simplified version, the full version of Arc position preparation, you can start from the shoe and recapture of the one arm and one leg. The other limbs are simple and slightly elevated over the mat. In the advanced version, you can add a gentle rocking back and forth, what great relaxes and improves digestion.

30 day squat challenge

30 day squat challengeThe challenge of doing sit-ups your buttocks, smashing its cellulite and slim succeed in just 30 days. The training plan includes 5 different variants of exercises: squat, leg ejection in the back, with the upstroke legs to the side, the plié squat with medicine ball. So versatile exercise selection guarantees a spectacular effect in a short period of time. The only thing you have to do is conscientiously to stick to the plan.

Squats are the most effective exercise for firmer buttocks. However, you need to do them on a regular basis and preferably in different variants, to activate all muscle groups responsible for the appearance of the ass. Restricting only to traditional Crouch da, Lim­ited becomes very monotonous.

The following challenge includes 5 types of squats, which in a variety of ways to activate both the leg muscles and the muscles of the buttom. Thanks to this training is more varied, and this effectively models the lower parts of the body. People, which is not enough for the basic variant of the challenges, may face the additional exercises: squot wall,  with the use of dumbbells, or squot the Bulgarian. But keep in mind that with each passing day reps arrives, because what seems simple in the beginning, after a week or two can be a problem. It’s a good idea to immediately review the whole plan challenges and realistically evaluate your capabilities.

Squats policy challenges

The challenge for beginners includes 5 types of squats (descriptions are located on the bottom of the page):

  • traditional,
  • ejection legs backward,
  • the tilted leg to the side,
  • plié squats,
  • squats with the ball gym.

The challenge is to the daily performance of the specified number of repetitions of each exercise. The number of repetitions has been given in the table. For example, means to repeat 6 times each of the five exercises means repeat 6 times each exercise and repeat the entire series twice. In parentheses are the total number of squats performed on a given day.

Between each series you can do ok. 2-minute break.

That we have a fall does not mean that we can downplay the health of our thighs and buttocks hidden under the tights and trousers. Today I have for you a small monthly challenge – 30 days squats. You to?

I bet that the sleek ass and slender thighs depends on each of us. To before new year’s Eve – that pop out at any moment as the rabbit out of the hat – without having to worry about how we look at your favorite, tight, let’s boost the quality of our shapes. With a little determination will surely have time of course, I’ll practice with you-equally per month: I noticed the effects.

I prepared for you a training plan for the next month. 250 reps on the last day of may startle, but believe me-from day to day, Your muscles will be stronger and stronger.

Remember that when you perform sit-ups very important is the right attitude. Executing them incorrectly will definitely not bring spectacular results.

Initially, I planned to write this summary, but I came to the conclusion that my observations can someone come in handy. I can how it looked like my challenge, because it was not a representation of any of the challenges of circulating the Web. The first time I made two series after 60 sit-ups, then increased this amount to 3 x 60, which means that all the time (approx. 4 times a week) I did after 180 sit-ups. Not been in any increasing repetitions, two of you advaice me, that it is better to make the load and so (after approx. 2 weeks) I decided to do. More than a week there I practice because I was weakened by a cold.

What I expected?

Simply put, firming the buttocks, to summer in the suit have no complexes. Certainly not I wanted to grow. Although would it not sounded-I have at the moment perfectly symmetrical silhouette of an hourglass and i want to have, I want to have slender thighs and stand-off, but not a big ass.


I wrote in one of the reviews of the week that I do not see the effects on your baby’s bottom, but I have a feeling that me. Now I believe that this summary was for the whole of this challenge very hurtful. For brought it one spectacular effect-I won with cellulite on the back of the thighs.

I fight with this since I have been taking hormones that is already good few years. unless previously helped me different cosmetics, massage or the inclusion of exercise, so variety (aqueous cellulite) proved indestructible. And still this is not to say that cellulite disappeared in 100%, because even in certain places after pressing the skin is visible. My win is, however, that the problem is not apparent in such completely natural conditions when I stand or walk. Rear side of the thighs is firm, resilient, hard … There is no question of any jelly.

What’s next?

Thighs without visible cellulite is for me the greatest reward. I will therefore continue its February challenge regardless of whether it will have an impact on the buttocks.

I definitely recommend squats as a great patent to improve the appearance of the thighs. I don’t do out nothing more, no creams, lotions, massage … In the winter, I’m too lazy. I do not write about other activities, because these are accompanied by me for a long time, and yet on the Orange skin, nothing helped.

P.s. I think that I was afraid about the State of my quite sensitive, but warm up the trick-I didn’t have any problems.


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