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Bow yoga pose

Bow yoga poseImagine a tight arch, from which in a moment Archer releases with full force an arrow. Imagine the flexibility, strength and energy. And now do the same with your own body.

The position of the bow (Dhanurasana) belongs to a series of positions of Yoga based on the bends in the back. One they come easier, harder, but for all they bring the same benefits to the spine and the functioning of internal organs. In addition, they add energy!

Degree of difficulty: fairly difficult, suitable for intermediate to advanced, but it also has easier variants, suitable for beginners Yogis

Benefits: softens the spine, strengthens the abdominal muscles, back muscles, massage adds energy, helps fight chronic fatigue, increases concentration, improves digestion, helps with constipation, beneficial in people who lead sedentary lifestyle

How to perform a position step by step:

  1. Lie on your stomach with his face to the floor. You can lie down on the mat blanket, preventing a possible sore spines. With exhaust bend both knees and pull your heel towards your buttocks. Pull the arms to the back, turn the inside arms, shoulders from the ears and away from each other shoulders. Try to grasp the outer ankle. If capturing the foot makes you difficulty, use the bar. Try to approach each other knee, should not be spaced more widely than at a distance.
  2. Initially, the forehead remains based on the floor. On the inhale, pull the foot back, relegating them from your buttocks. Try to lift the thigh high above the floor.
  3. On the exhale lift head and chest. See towards the floor, try to relax your face. The hands should remain simple. Using hands pull legs torso, so that odchylał to the legs. Imagine that your upper body and legs are a corps of the arc, and the hands of bow, try to stretch bow, the body works as if the legs wanted to break out of the grip of the hand and straighten. Hands and feet must work with equal force. The foot should be at the same height. Try to pull the chest up. The weight of the body should lie on his stomach. Remain in the position for a few seconds.
  4. Exit the position on the exhale, slowly lower your legs and chest, but never let the cubes, you can repeat the position twice, trying to persevere in it longer. Only after completion of exercise unleash feet.

Therapeutic use:

  • corrects posture
  • dyskopatia back-the cross (it is recommended to perform the position under the guidance of a teacher)
  • Prostate dysfunction
  • chronic constipation
  • respiratory diseases
  • chronic fatigue
  • fears, anxieties


  • Flexible spine, shoulders, chest
  • tones the abdominal organs and kidneys
  • reduces back pain
  • boosts energy
  • combats the negative effects of sedentary life
  • extends the front part of the thighs
  • Removes the stiffness in the spine thoracic and lumbar
  • extends the ankle, thigh, groin
  • extends the back muscles


  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • sinusitis
  • pain and serious damage to the knee
  • too high or low blood pressure
  • serious damage to the knee and back pain (in the case of lumbar disc herniation or carotid and damage to the knees should perform the position under the guidance of a teacher)
  • migraine
  • insomnia

How to enter in the item?

To enter the position of the arc, lie down on your stomach on the mat, and then breathing in, move the hands in the back and the bow and lift the knees. Hands grab your ankle or big toes of the foot. Then with the next breath drawn and lengthen the body into the shape of the curve. Along with other wdechami, we grow. We maintain by 5-10 breaths, depending on the possibilities, and then with the exhalation falls flat on the mat.

In the simplified version, the full version of Arc position preparation, you can start from the shoe and recapture of the one arm and one leg. The other limbs are simple and slightly elevated over the mat. In the advanced version, you can add a gentle rocking back and forth, what great relaxes and improves digestion.

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