SUN is working to have the 50-year clothing-optional history of Crescent Rock Beach officially recognized by the cities of White Rock and Surrey.

As the B.C. provincial government has jurisdiction over the coastline between Crescent Beach and White Rock, the local MLA Gordon Hogg and the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture are being lobbied to place naturist signs at Crescent Rock Beach's two shore and four stairway entrances. These proposed signs will read as follows:

SUN would like to have their "Etiquette for Everyone" code of conduct (see Conduct tab) also placed along with these signs, so not only would people know the boundaries of the naturist beach, they would also be informed of the proper behaviour when visiting this area.

Please feel free to contact the Mayors and Council members of White Rock and Surrey to voice your approval for having Crescent Rock Beach officially signed and recognized. While email is quick and easy, as one local politician noted they are a dime a dozen. Take the time to write an actual letter, buy a stamp and send it snail mail. This carries a lot more weight with local dignitaries who have to deal with a constant stream of emails.

If you support SUN's environmental goals of removing the BNSF trains from the shores of the Peninsula away from the water of Boundary Bay, or our objection to the noise pollution from Nav Canada's new flight corridor, let your feelings be known. Contact local city governments, MLAs and MPs so they know there is much more to a nude beach than simply being naked. It is only through vocal opposition to these environmental threats that change will ever be made.

Not only can we make the Peninsula a nicer place to live or visit, the fundamental shift in human conciousness will be needed to ensure our future survival in the face of global warming.

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